What does helmet impact testing machine need


Helmet gb24429-2009 report quality inspection report helmet, riding helmet test report market requirements, there are three kinds of helmet classification

One is the XC class, which is the same as the helmet for road racing. Due to the good road condition of XC, there is almost no danger, so its design features are light and light, with weak protection for the back of the head. The general price of this helmet is between 100 and 300 yuan. The fall in the process of riding will cause great damage to the head, even if the rider is riding along the stable bicycle lane with a low speed, the safety problem can not be ignored. The reason for wearing a riding helmet is simple and important - to protect the head and reduce injuries. Relevant data show that in more than 500 bicycle accidents every year, 75% of the deaths are caused by fatal head injuries. Medical research has found that riding a helmet can prevent 85% of head injuries, and greatly reduce the degree of injury and accident mortality. Half helmet riding helmet is divided into highway (no brim), highway and mountain dual-purpose (with detachable brim), etc.

Impact test method of motorcycle helmet

Calibration of the collision test device: adjust the head height of the collision test bench (the height is the vertical distance between the head type collision point and the anvil collision surface) to make it collide with the standard block, and the peak acceleration must reach 400g. Under the same conditions, there are three consecutive collisions, and the peak acceleration deviation of each collision is greater than 3%. If the action time of 200g exceeds the above requirements, the test result will be considered invalid.

The helmet after environmental treatment is worn on the test head of corresponding specifications. The front plane of the test piece is required to be consistent with the reference plane of the head model, and the tether is fastened. The test is carried out according to the method specified in the test conditions of helmet energy absorption performance.

Characteristics of motorcycle helmet impact tester

The position of the control box can be adjusted according to the user's preference, which is convenient to use.

The drop weight height can be adjusted according to the type of helmet.

With automatic guidance system, to ensure that the impact hammer and drop hammer accurately fall on the motorcycle helmet

The test software supports data storage, historical data query, data export, etc., and can print experimental reports