What are the new features of PV Module testing Machine?

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PV Module testing Machine applicable to the adaptability test of defense industry, industry, automation components, automotive parts, electronic and electrical instrument components, electrical products, plastics, chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and related products under conditions of rapid changes in ambient atmospheric temperature (Impact), suitable for instruments, meters, electrical appliances, electronic products and parts, etc. for adaptability tests and stress screening tests under rapid temperature changes or gradual changes in order to analyze the performance and behavior of the test product under the proposed conditions And evaluation (rapid changes).

PV Module testing Machine characteristics:

1) The brand-new arc shape design, high-level appearance, beautiful appearance, and the use of flat non-reaction handle, easy to operate.

2) Imported multifunctional, highly scalable dedicated temperature controller, simple operation, easy learning, stable and reliable control, and can be used for low temperature and ultra low temperature double test.

3) Reliable and excellent uniform air circulation system The long shaft motor part is installed vertically to prevent the eccentricity of the motor spindle caused by long-term continuous operation.

4) The imported centrifugal fan combined with the horizontal and vertical angle adjustable double louver forced air circulation design can avoid the dead corner of the airflow in the box and ensure the uniformity of temperature and humidity in each corner of the box.

5) Large and bright large electric heating observation window: It is a combination of three layers of ultra-large vacuum coating (heating film) window and high-brightness fluorescent lamp, which can clearly observe the test samples in the box and effectively prevent the formation of water mist caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside , So that users can observe the conditions in the test box at any time.

6) Safety protection ensures the safety of the tested product and user of the machine. The electronic over-temperature protection device independent of the main controller can set the upper limit protection of the tested object.

7) Safety, protection devices-earth leakage circuit breakers, dry burn protectors, phase failure protectors, refrigeration unit overpressure, overload, oil pressure and other protection devices.


8) Reliable refrigeration system Originally imported from Europe and the United States, hermetic compressor. It has refrigeration devices and high-efficiency cold and heat exchange systems. It uses full capillary and automatic load capacity adjustment system technology, which is more stable and reliable than previous expansion cutting systems. Temperature and humidity control is more Accurate, fast and stable temperature rise and fall, save users valuable time.

9) Adopting imported green environmental protection (HFC) US Lianxing refrigerant R404A / R23 with zero ozone coefficient.

10) The parts and optimized design scheme are adopted to make the machine run quietly and the dry sound value is ≤65Db.

11) The texture of the stainless steel surface allows the machine to maintain a brand new appearance for a long time.