We tailor the PV test equipment for you

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In developing and testing photovoltaic installations, simulating sunlight in indoor spaces can be a critical requirement. Key parameters such as spectral matching of the output beam, spatial inhomogeneity and time stability play a crucial role in determining the exact current-voltage characteristics of the solar cell. Therefore, we are committed to designing a solar simulator that will produce light that is closest to the characteristics of sunlight.

From off-the-shelf products to tailor-made solar simulators and photovoltaic test equipment, the equipment is designed and manufactured to meet your research and testing requirements. Our engineering team will continue to provide solutions to support our customers with careful design, rigorous quality control testing and on-site installation assistance.

Most spacecraft and satellites need to be maintained and powered while operating outside of high altitude/space. Therefore, such space missions often utilize photovoltaic array systems to meet power requirements by utilizing optical power from the sun. To test the performance reliability of these photovoltaic devices, rigorous testing is required inside the laboratory to simulate extraterrestrial conditions. To this end, it is important to simulate the solar conditions found in the space environment.

Our solar simulator system has the following advantages:
Can generate an extraterrestrial solar spectrum, such as AM0;
Ability to insert into a vacuum chamber;
Robust and durable under extreme temperature and weather conditions;
Provide automatic temperature regulation / cooling;
With clean room compatibility;

Our highly concentrated solar simulators have been used to test the optical and electrical performance of multi-junction solar cells. Such solar simulators have the ability to concentrate irradiance in the range of tens to hundreds of suns. The simulated radiation characteristics correspond to the A-level spectral matching of the entire solar spectrum.