Structural advantages of walk-in salt spray test chamber

author: Spurce

As one of the most common equipment in environmental testing equipment, the salt spray test chamber is also a must-have product for the "three defenses". It is widely used in various industries. The test object can be tested against salt spray and seawater erosion. This is a business order sent to us by the customer. The salt spray test box mentioned in the business letter is a non-standard salt spray test box, that is, a walk-in salt spray test box. Humidity 0 ~ 90%, this may not be clearly stated by the customer, because 0% humidity does not exist in the salt spray test, there are no special requirements other than this.

The walk-in salt spray test chamber has a beautiful appearance design, reasonable structure, smooth lines and natural flow. The inner and outer shells are made of flame-retardant high-quality PP plastic plate, with a durable temperature greater than 85 ° C. The joint between the plate and the plate is 90 degrees right after planing and milling. The seams are firm, the seams of the whole box are flat, the box structure is compact, and the appearance is bright. Various auxiliary facilities are also made of corrosion-resistant materials.

The cover material is a flame-retardant high-quality PP sheet. The front and rear observation windows can observe the condition of the indoor test piece from the outside without affecting the test results. And the cover is designed to have an optimal top angle of 110 degrees, so that the condensation water generated during the test will not drip on the sample and affect the test results. The cover and the box are sealed with water to prevent salt spray from overflowing, which will affect the test results and corrode other equipment in the room, and may even cause injury to the test operator.

The cover of large box (010 and above models) is automatically opened by air cylinder (Taiwan Yadeke), which is convenient and comfortable. The opening angle is about 80 degrees, the air source is compressed air, and the pressure is 0.4 MPa. (Type 750 uses gas spring to assist opening)

Water tank (brine, pure water): Concealed structure, with drain valve, easy to clean.

Saturated bucket: SUS304 high-grade stainless steel pipe is used for welding, which has high temperature and pressure resistance. Adopt Henley's law, heat and humidify, and provide the humidity required by the test chamber.

The sample rack is designed in accordance with national standards to be O-shaped and V-shaped. The upper and lower layers are inclined at 15 degrees and 30 degrees, and can also be hooked. The V type is made of PP material, and the O type bracket is made of stainless steel tube with heat shrinkable PVC film, which has high strength and corrosion resistance.

Bottom: 4 high-quality universal casters are used for fixing and leveling.