Several items to be tested for sports helmets

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The following items need to be tested in the test of sports helmet products: the stability of helmet wearing device, the strength performance of helmet wearing device, the absorption and collision performance of helmet, etc. The purpose of these three items is as follows

1. Strength and performance of helmet wearing device

The strength performance test of helmet wearing device is to detect whether the elongation of helmet wearing device exceeds the standard or the connector is damaged under the external force, which affects the protective effect of helmet.

2. Helmet absorbing collision energy performance

The test item is an important performance index of the moving helmet. The acceleration g value of the shell shall not be dangerous to the wearer during the test.

3. Helmet wearing device stability

The wearing device is an important part of the helmet. It is required that the helmet should not fall off from the head under certain external force, which can not only ensure the stability of wearing, but also ensure the safety of wearing.

The following equipment is required for testing

The following equipment is required for the quality test of sports helmets

1. Ht-6018-a helmet strap tensile tester (dynamic)

Scope of application: apply a certain initial load to the helmet strap system within the specified time, and then drop a certain weight from a certain height, so that the impact force is also applied to the strap system to evaluate the tensile resistance of the strap system.



2. Ht-6011-a computer system helmet impact tester

Scope of application: the instrument is applicable to the test of helmet absorption and collision performance. It uses a test instrument to evaluate the impact resistance and penetration resistance of helmet. This machine adopts the master computer control system independently developed by Hongtu to automatically lift the fixture to the predetermined height and display the height, acceleration peak value, test curve, impact speed, action time and impact energy on the operation interface in real time Quantity, etc.


3. Ht-6016-a helmet anti falling test machine

Scope of application: apply the initial load of a certain force to the back of the helmet, and then apply the impact force to the helmet from a certain height with the weight specified in the standard, so as to judge the wearing stability of the helmet.