HTPV-26 Bypass diode test/Bypass diode functionality test
HTPV-26 Bypass diode test/Bypass diode functionality test

HTPV-26 Bypass diode test/Bypass diode functionality test

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
Supply Ability:
100 / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
30 Days
Function and feature
  1. Modular design can realize automatic and manual testing, support multi channel diode and temperature collection
  2.  Real time monitor testing time, junction box surface temperature ( 1 channel), diode current, diode voltage etc data
  3.  Can display all data curve:30, 50℃, 70℃,90℃ temperature curve display under the same coordinate system, corresponding under 30℃, 50℃,70℃,90℃ temperature impulse power trigger time section and current curve show the same coordinate system
  4. Based on the testing data use the minimum tow multiplicative fitting curve to get the VD against TJ feature, software show this curve, in the curve can display every temperature collection corresponding voltage value, automatic calculation diode junction temperature , and will fitting equation show on the interface
  5. For the program control power working time interval’s temperature curve show the same coordinate system, corresponding current and voltage display under the same coordinate system
  6. All the data can export as Excel, curve of figure formal export, convenient data handle and analysis

Testing machine configure
Display screen1
High speed acquisition card1
Temperature acquisition module1
Control system1
Impulse power1
Program control power1
Test line1
4 Technical specifications
4.1 Impulse power (RS-485)
   Testing range:0-15V
   Testing accurate:2%
   Testing range:0-20A
   Impulse width≤1ms
   Testing accurate:1%

4.2 Program control power (RS-485)
   Testing range:0-20V
   Testing accurate:2%
   Testing range:0-25A
   Testing accurate:2%

4.3 Themocouple
   Testing range:0-200
   T type thermocouple
   Testing accurate:+/-1

4.4 Temperature collection
Support RS 485 communicated, support J, K, T,E, R, S and B type thermocouple input
16 bit resolution
8 channel different input
T/C software configuration , low voltage current input
Isolation voltage:3000Vdc
Support modbus/TRU control
Support 4-20mA

4.5 Data acquisition card

  Support 32 bot 5 V PCI total line
  12 bit A/D resolution
  Channel automatic scan function select
  16 channel single terminal simulate input
  Sampling rate the highest 1MS/s
  Board loading 1K sampling point A/D FIFO
       Bipolar simulate input range:+/-10V, +/-5V, +/-2.5V, +/-1.25V, +/-0.65V
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:HOTOTEST
  • Model Number:HTPV-26
  • Power:Electronic

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