HT-PD09 Current continuity monitoring tester
HT-PD09 Current continuity monitoring tester

HT-PD09 Current continuity monitoring tester

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
Supply Ability:
100 / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
30 Days
Additional instructions
  • For inner circuit continuity, Above 25 lead to Imp current , through temperature control current’s on/off situation, on/off temperature can set
  • For pv module lead to 1%Isc current , through temperature control current’s on/off
  • Between-40 and80℃ rise temperature level, pv module inner lead to Imp current , at others level , thepv module’s inner lead to not exceed 1%Isc current;

Function and feature
  • Use special lost heating channel type heat dissipation, avoid excessive temperature caused by long term high current heating, Ensure equipment uninterrupted operation for a long time
  • Use stable constant current power ,Avoid overload and power failure caused by unstable internal resistance of Pv module in high and low temperature alternating conditions
  • Inner current use large current and small current separate technology, avoid the same power range too wide to cause small current instability phenomenon
Improve single channel current control function in the standard requirement , use multi-channel current 
  • record control function, realize single pv module independent temperature control function , ensure every pv module all satisfy test requirement , meanwhile monitor every modules temperature performance under the high and low temperature alternating.
  • Well human-machine interface, use high quality IPC , ensure equipment stability working in long time , can monitor the current , temperature data, adjustable complete technological process current , temperature curve, can output Excel form , print .Equipment configure:
    Machine’s Cabinet1HOTOTECH
    Computer host1ADVANTECH
    Display19 inchSAMSUNG
    Record instrument1HOTOTECH
    Thermocouple8T Type
    Control system1HOTOTECH
    Technical parameter
    • Power 1
  • Voltage range0-100V
    Source voltage regulation rate≤0.2%
    Load regulation ratevoltage stabilization≤1%current stabilization≤2%
    Working environment-1045℃
    Current range0-15A
    Complete testing machine over heating protection threshold70℃
    • Temperature sensor
  • Temperature range-50200℃
    • IPC
  • 42UStandard machine’s box
    14S4 baseplateIncluded4PCI slot);
    ANOVO 7865L CPU long card
    CORE E2180
    2G DD Rinternal memory
    250G Hard disk
    DVD-ROM CD drive
    19.Liquid crystal display
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:HOTOTEST
  • Model Number:HTPV-27
  • Power:Electronic

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