HTPV-17 Thermal Cycling Test / Humidity Freeze Test
HTPV-17 Thermal Cycling Test / Humidity Freeze Test

HTPV-17 Thermal Cycling Test / Humidity Freeze Test

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
Supply Ability:
100 / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
30 Days
Testing Standard
It's confirm IEC61215 & IEC61730 testing standard.

To determine the ability of the module to withstand the effects of long -term penetration of humidity & the ability of the module to withstand thermal mismatch, fatigue and others stresses caused by repeated changes of temperature.

Testing Chamber Advantage

Have three function:
  1. Damp heat testing ( double 85℃ testing)
  2. Thermal cycling testing
  3. Humidity freeze testing

Testing Chamber Structure Introduce
  1. Inner chamber material: SUS # 304 high temperature resistant stainless steel plate;
  2. Outer chamber material: Antirust steel plate + baking paint treatment;
  3. Insulation Material: High density hard PU foaming and glass insulation cotton On the door with the view window, the view window welding in the middle of the door , prevent moisture seeping in to the insulation;
  4. The chamber inner size: 1.0m×2.2m×1.3m ( W×D×H);
  5. The chamber inner can put 8 pcs solar panel;
  6. Refrigerant: use the newest HFC environmental protection refrigerant;
  7. Refrigerant valve: automatic switch regulating refrigerant valve;

The Mainly specifications
  1. Temperature range: -40 to 100℃, and the temperature fluctuation ≤±1℃, the deviation ≤±1℃ and the uniformity: ≤±1℃;
  2. Humidity range: 30 to 98%RH, the relative humidity deviation:±3%FS, deviation 85±2%RH, 90±2%RH, Humidity fluctuation : ±2%RH, humidity uniformity: ≤2%RH;
  3. The electricity: 380V 50HZ;
  4. Damp heat testing: common moisture point: 85℃/ 85%RH, the sustainable time ≥1000H 90℃/95%RH, the sustainable time ≥1000H;
  5. Humidity freeze temperature go up & go down speed rate:
A.from 25℃ to 85℃ , the speed is 100℃/h(1.6℃/Minute)
B.from 85℃ to 0℃,the speed is 100℃/h (1.6℃/Minute)
C.from 0℃ to -40℃, the speed is 200℃/h (3.3℃/Minute)
D.from -40℃~0℃, the speed is 200℃/h (3.3℃/Minute)
E.from 0℃ to 85℃, the speed is 100℃/h (1.6℃/Minute)
F.Testing cycle times:50

6.Thermal cycle testing: the temperature change rate of module surface should not more than 100℃/ h (1.6℃/ Minute), testing cycle times: 200

Control system:
  1. Control system: automatic calculus, Touch screen control and display the testing data
  2. Real-time curve display: with the program set time, adjustable curve sampling record cycle, set value curve & actual running value curve
  1. Real-time set display: with the perform program number, staging, remain time ,cycle times, temperature & humidity value
  1. Communicate interface: RS485 communicate interface, can connect to the computer , the data can save, print and download
  1. Use the U disk can copy the testing data and transfer to the computer
  2. Controller: heating/ humidification/ dehumidification/ cooling etc function completely independent control, and save the energy
  1. Language: With English
  2. When Power off, It's will automatic reset and memory function

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:HOTOTEST
  • Model Number:HTPV-17
  • Power:Electronic

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