Our Helmet testing machine has high reliability and high precision

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The material of the helmet is mainly made of FRP, leather, and other steel materials. The helmet material is usually made of PC material or Kevlar material. It is not preventive. It can also resist corrosive liquids. The helmet is a protective device worn by the dedicated police personnel during the mission and is extremely protective. The helmet has light weight, good air permeability, good transparency of the lens of the mask, and convenient stripping.

Therefore, there are still many different helmets and helmets. The helmet material is more demanding, the price is more expensive, and the safety is better.

The helmet testing machine is suitable for impact impact test of helmets. It is a test instrument that judges the impact resistance of helmets and the penetration resistance of helmets. This machine adopts computer control technology, automatically lifts the hammer to the predetermined height, and displays the height at any time, and displays the speed value, HIC, action time, impact energy, etc. on the computer. The instrument has good reliability and high precision.

Helmet testing machine scope:

The instrument is suitable for the helmet to absorb the impact energy performance test, and is a test instrument for judging the impact resistance of the helmet and the penetration resistance of the helmet. The helmet testing machine adopts Dongguan Hongtu Instrument Co., Ltd. to independently develop the upper computer control system, automatically raise the fixture to the predetermined height, and display the height in real time, and display the acceleration Peak value, test curve, impact speed, action time and impact in real time on the operation interface. Energy, etc., the instrument has good reliability and high precision.

Main performance characteristics:

1, The servo motor, servo controller and its supporting control unit are used as the drive components, and the motor has a long service life.

2, the use of hollow gear reduction system, low power consumption, low noise, high efficiency and reliability.

3. Adopt Zhongtai data acquisition card to keep the accuracy of the test machine unchanged for a long time.

4, the use of in-line transmission device to achieve high positioning accuracy, long life, low friction, high-speed operation and forward and reverse rotation, so that the whole machine running translation, displacement, speed accuracy is greatly improved.

5, with a position limit function, so that some tests with position restrictions are safer and faster.

6, extremely wide measurement range, applicable to many national standards.

7, using the integrated design principle, regardless of the configuration of the host, modify the computer's corresponding parameters (parameters can be * retained), no circuit adjustment is required.

8, high-precision return positioning function, regardless of the return speed, can be accurately returned to the starting position, speed up the test speed, improve work efficiency.

9, commonly used parameter memory function, such as test speed, etc., so that a boot is in this parameter state, greatly facilitate the user.

10, Flexible and convenient operation, with two working modes: constant movement and jog, users can easily set freely to adapt to different occasions or habits.

11, with a variety of protection functions: adjustable upper and lower limit protection, emergency stop protection.

Helmet testing machine after-sales service commitment:

1, After the equipment is commissioned or installed, the professional technicians are responsible for the free training of the customer's demanding operators, and the training is performed by the operators.

2, the equipment is free of charge for one year, no charge for all services and replacement parts during the warranty period. (For the damage of various parts caused by non-human, it will be replaced free of charge in time. The replacement period of the three-package parts will be recalculated from the date of replacement).

3, the equipment enjoys a lifetime, after the expiration of the spare parts supply warranty, only the appropriate material cost fee is charged.