Details of helmet impact energy absorption testing machine

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Host performance features:

1. Servo motor, servo controller and its supporting control unit are used as driving components, so the service life of the motor is long

2. Hollow gear reduction system, low power consumption, low noise, high efficiency, strong reliability

3. Using Zhongtai data acquisition card, the precision of the testing machine remains unchanged for a long time

4. The use of in-line transmission device makes the positioning accuracy high, long service life, low friction, high-speed operation and forward and reverse rotation, greatly improving the translation, displacement and speed accuracy of the whole machine

5. It has the function of position limitation, which makes some tests with position limitation safer and faster

6. Wide measurement range, suitable for many national standards

7. Using integrated design principle, no matter how the host configuration, modify the corresponding computer parameters (parameters can be retained permanently), without circuit adjustment  

 8. High precision return positioning function, no matter how the return speed, can return to the starting position, speed up the test speed, improve work efficiency

9. Common parameter memory functions, such as test speed, make the machine in this parameter state as soon as it is started, which is very convenient for users

10. The operation is flexible and convenient. It has two working modes: normal and inching. Users can set it freely to adapt to different occasions or habits

11. With a variety of protection functions: adjustable upper and lower limit protection, emergency stop protection, etc